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A young and fresh strategic quantitative research agency that specialises in delivering elegantly clear, technically brilliant consulting. Our mission is to help brands understand people by delivering big and sophisticated science in easy to use and engaging ways, which inspire foresight and address and solve real commercial challenges.

We work across the brand planning cycle, telling powerful stories that live and grow in our clients’ organisations, and telling stories that turn consumer insights into meaningful narratives about real people has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Great People

We love research, solving problems and telling great stories, and we believe in keeping things simple, engaging and useful.

Our people are central to our success, which is why a senior director is assigned to each project who is involved throughout the work and gets dirty with the data, and why we spend a lot of time recruiting and training our team.

Great Work

Shortlisted for the best new agency by the MRS in 2014, we’ve grown a lot since then.

We put long term partnerships above short term gains, and our priority is always on building deep and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, suppliers and each other.

The golden rule informs everything that we do, which means we will always be friendly, honest and do our absolute best for you.

Meet the team that makes the magic

  • Majbritt Rijs | Managing Director
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    Majbritt runs the lab globally, and has worked in market research since 1997. She has worked for a vast array of clients from agencies in the UK and the Middle East, and prior to joining the industry she researched and lectured in multi-variate statistics, research design and neuro-psychology at the University of Nottingham.

    In addition to loving all things mathematical and statistical, Majbritt has a special place in her heart for segmentations, brand and ad-tracking and innovation research.
  • Sam Elphinstone | Group Head
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    Sam heads up the lab team in the UK. He started his career in market research in 2001 and has held positions at global research brands, insight start-ups and traditional research agencies.

    This experience means that he understands client requirements from a variety of angles and knows what makes for inspiring research. Sam has a particular interest in NPD work and lovers getting to grips with how a customer’s experience of a brand can impact on perceptions and behaviour.
  • Tom Birch | Director
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    Tom is one of the directors in the lab, who started his career at Millward Brown where he specialised in brands, communications and media. Since joining the numbers lab almost 4 years ago, he has become an expert in the likes of proposition, concept and product development, and shopper & audience understanding.

    His calm and adaptable nature allows him to approach all challenges with enthusiasm, fresh thinking and flexibility.
  • Jim Mann | Director
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    Jim has worked in market research since 1995. He cut his teeth agency side, with an FMCG client list, before focussing on social research for the likes of the European Commission and United Nations. He moved client side in 2000 and headed up the Guardian's Consumer Insights team until 2016. He has extensive media experience and fully understands the importance of market research to brands and industries in transition.

    Jim is passionate about producing research that is truly actionable from a client perspective. He believes that a key element of the agency researcher's role is to create research-based narratives that engage senior stakeholders and provide a clear direction of travel. He is methodically agnostic, believing the best approach is the one that most effectively answers the client objectives.
  • Anne Marie McCallion | Associate Director
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    Anne-Marie began her career in Ireland. Where she worked with a number of small boutique agencies, managing quantitative projects across a wide range of methods and techniques including utilities, financial services, insurance and FMCG sectors.

    Since joining the lab, Anne-Marie has worked with many of our media and retail clients. She loves a challenge and believes that research is not a one-size-fits all exercise. She is an expert at reading between the lines with a keen eye for detail.
  • Ellie O’Dell | Research Manager
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    Ellie joined the numbers lab after starting her research career at Millward Brown in 2013. Before joining the world of research, Ellie studied Psychology at the University of Nottingham and has put her interest in human behaviour to use working alongside many of our fashion and media clients.

    She has worked across a range of different methodologies and has a particular interest in brand and comms testing, as well as all things digital. Ellie loves being creative and when not baking cakes, she’s designing great outputs for our clients.
  • Choekey Frasi | Research Manager
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    Choekey started as an intern in the numbers lab in 2013 after graduating from the University of Bath with a master’s in Chemistry. Since joining, Choekey has moved from mastering chemistry to mastering all things data, and has now worked across a wide range of categories, quickly becoming an expert in the fashion and utilities sectors in particular.

    When Choekey isn’t working, she’s usually travelling around the world finding the best places to visit, shop and most importantly eat.
  • Rachel Marks | Senior Research Executive
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    As the newest member, Rachel joined the Numbers Lab in June 2017. After nearly 2 years at Hall & Partners, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge on all things brand and comms tracking in both the UK and internationally. She also has experience in segmentation and a number of other analytical techniques.

    Rachel studied Human Geography at Newcastle University where she completed her dissertation on the changing retail landscape and the movement of people in shopping malls. In her spare time she enjoys eating her way around London, running and exploring new places.
  • Ayesha Chopra | Research Executive
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    Ayesha joined the Lab after a life-changing move to the UK in 2016. She completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Warwick in 2010 and went on to work as a Qualitative Researcher in her native Mumbai. She has previously worked in the media sector and has an avid interest in human behaviour, in particular the reasons why we do the things we do. Since joining the Lab, Ayesha has worked on both ad hoc and tracker work across a range of categories and clients.

    In her spare time, Ayesha enjoys travelling, taking long walks, eating good food and spending time with family and friends.
  • Jade Massoutier | Research Executive
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    Jade joined us in September 2016 from working in marketing strategy, NPD and branding for the beauty, food & drinks, FMCG and health and wellbeing industries. She graduated in 2014 from Sup'Biotech Paris with a Masters in Biotechnologies with a specialisation in innovation, as she has always been passionate about creating new things. To this end, Jade has set up her own monitoring system to identify early signals in market disruption, and loves all kind of innovation work. She also has a sweet spot for everything sustainable and is an active member of the Firefish Green team.

    Jade loves understanding how and why consumers' needs are changing, as well as how political, social and economic issues are driving the emergence of new businesses and how they impact the world. When not dancing, doing yoga, or a fitness class, Jade is at a gig, lost somewhere surrounded by nature or exploring what the London food scene has best to offer.
  • Elspeth Block | Research Executive
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    Following her graduation from the University of Liverpool in 2013 with a Business Studies degree, Elspeth started her career in Market Research working on automotive tracking, where she honed her project management and data science skills to the nth degree. Following this, she took time to travel, and has recently returned from Down Under, eager to delve further into quantitative research working on a range of projects, with a key interest in understanding customer relations with brands and how trends are changing over time.

    When she isn't working, she loves to keep fit, explore London and plan upcoming adventures.
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